Checking for the best in bdsm chats

Being told what to do by a sexy strict women is always a huge turn on for most weak men. Bondage has always been very popular online and having a stict female

In control of everything we do has always been a big turn on for most guys.It is all about power and control and the women at  the best sites online for femdom chat is

they have a huge selection of strict females available to chat to you right now online so do go check them out

Know exactly what is the best way to start your very own online training. If you are ready to get naked and stand before your mistress then be sure to know that she will take every part of your life from you and own every aspect of your life.

Online bdsm cam chats are very intense and our women know exactly just what you need and they will not stop till they get exactly what they want.

strict women in boots


Wearing their bondage and fetish outfits which areboth kinky as well as intimidating you will find straight away that these females

are always online waiting they love a chalenge and adore all things to do with humiliation

If you are ready to submit to your online godess and do exactly as she tells you then be ready to know she wil have you on a contract as soon

as she can as she just loves to know you have no say in your pathetic life anymore.

Our other favourite site is which again is full of strict bdsm cam models who sit wearing fetish clothing from pvc to leather as well as latex and rubber.

They love to sit with their whips and threaten you tell you how much they want you to get on your hands and knees and lick their boots like any good slave should

online fetish chats

Finding someone to carry out any of your fetish needs  can be hard work some times especially if you have a particular fetish

The sites i have listed on this page cater for all types of different fetishes.

There is just so many different types of fetishes from online mature women  and liking the idea that an older women is in control of you. Older mistresses have always been very popular

amongst subs because they feel they have far more expereince.But fetishes is a huge area you can have anything from smoking, balloons to feet as well as some people who love the idea of

So no matter what the scenario you will find it on our sites. With women who just love all things fetish.

Panty fetish is another very popular one as well as some role playing .

Most mistresses enjoy the whole s&m scenario the idea of being in control of a weak man is a huge turn on to powerful women

Deciding when a weak man can wank and when he can look at her, is all  very exciting to submissives online.

This is why we only bring the very best  when it comes to online cam chats with females who enjoy the whole fetish scene.

older fetish model

There is every type of cam host available on these sites from more mature to  teens and granny and so much more, From Asian to Ebony as well as the girl next door.

You are sure to find the exact lady to take control of your needs and carry out anything you require of them.

They love to please you and make you go away with a smile on your face

just tell them what it is you are into, what is your kink?

What do you enjoy doing or seeing. These girls will carry out anything

They all enjoy jack off instructions and cbt types of cam shows as well as pain and pleasure and sissy dressing and sissy milking

Chastity is another area that most fetish models truly enjoy, the thought of locking your little thing away and not letting you wank it really does turn them on

So when you are ready to see just how much they enjoy doing what they do then be sure to step inside the live chat room areas and be prepared to be blown away by these live dominatrixes


Locked In Chastity

Being locked in chastity can be a very powerful transfer of power from dominant female to submissive male. As a dominant Mistress I can tell you that hearing the lock snap shut has two different meanings.

locked cock,

Suck the cock in exchange for the key? Sounds lika a fair deal to me!

For me it means I now have complete and utter control over the “males” orgasms and erections whereas for him it means he will now spend a lifetime of frustration,denial and desperation for sexual relief that will rarely be granted. I absolutely love putting my slaves in chastity through his paces,making him scurry around and perform humiliating,degrading and tedious tasks. And if he refuses? Well his orgasm will be delayed for a bit longer then wont it! Men are fairly simple creatures and if you take away their ability to orgasm and experience sexual pleasure then you have a person who will do almost anything you command because when they are horny,men are at their most obedient. So it stands to reason that if you keep them this way,they will always do what they are told. Keeping a  locked away is the ultimate power transfer



I find it hilarious the way men turn to jelly and become so much more attentive when you lock their cocks away. I love the way they will do anything to be allowed to cum and for me to let them out for a wank. And I LOVE the look on their faces when I tell them no! The way they give it the sad eyes and the shoulders slump. It really makes my day. I love the control it gives me and I have a wicked imagination when it comes to finding out just how much they need or want to cum. I have been a pro domme for over 15 years and in that time I have made my chastity slaves –

– Drink their own piss

– Eat dog food

– Trash their living room

– Rip up pictures of their wife or GF

– Walk to the end of the street and back while wearing panties (a personal favourite that one!)

– Lick the toilet bowl

These are just a few of the humiliating tasks any slave who is cocklocked by me may have to endure just for the honour of me granting the cum command. Any refusal,back chat or hesitation will result in the scheduled orgasm being postponed indefinetly and him being left frustrated and horny for a bit longer. It is hell for them but I don’t care. It’s fun for me! Lol

“A Chastity Slave Is A Happy Slave”
You can check out our live online humiliation cams  which is full of strict women who enjoy to laugh at you as you are locked in your little prison. Are you ready to be laughed at humiliated  by girls who just want to  be entertained by losers like you

The Femdom Site

So here we are looking for the perfect Goddess and not sure which one out of the hundreds you find online is the best one. I have listed all over this blog the very best  in femdom chat and you will see for yourself how these strict girls just love to bring you to tears.

To watch you cry because you are so weak, to listen to you plead because you are so pathetic!

This is indeed what a Mistress enjoys, she loves to push you to see how far she can get, she loves to trap you and watch you as you try to get out of her net! Forget it loser you are trapped and you are addicted and  you will never get away no matter how hard you try.

How do I know you wont get away? 

Simple really, I have been a Pro-Domme for 15 years online and I hear the same old sob story every day about slaves or subs wanting to get away, they manage to stay away for a week  and then they arrive back always as predicted.

Why does this happen?

It happens because you are weak and you have an addiction to women who are powerful, so no other type of sex will get you off or even give you the same feelings that serving a Real Dominatrix will. You can run you can beg for us to block you but you will return. It is engrained  in your mind .

Will I always be like this? 

Indeed you will so best to stop trying to kid yourself that you can escape a Mistresses clutches because you will fail! You know it and I know it! It is time to submit fully to someone superior like me for full lifestyle slavery under a contract.

What Can I expect from  you when I am under a contract ? 

When a Goddess decides that your fate is to be under a written agreement she will discuss with you what type she wants to put you under. There is so many different types of contracts and they all have  different terms.

It could be a blackmail

It could be a financial

It could be a chastity contract

It could be a lifestyle

It could be a crossdressing contract

Each of these contracts have different types of terms but they all have one thing in common and that is that you must follow what is on them. Mistress will email you  once she has written it up and you have to sign it, thus ensuring then that you must follow the terms written on it.

Do ensure which ever Mistress you visit on webcam is  interested in contracts as they do not all offer this service. WHY?? I don’t know! Getting a slave exactly where you want him to be with no get out is exactly where i want him to be.

Some Mistresses do offer a buy out clause and i have had subs pay me up to $1000 to terminate the contract, this is also agreed and added  in to any consenual scenario

Shemale Fetish cams

Shemale Fetish Cams Live

We all love a bit of shemale fun, there is just something so horny about sexy trannys on webcam sucking their own cocks? Some would say this is a fetish others would say this is a fantasy. I have often found myself wondering on to the  sheboy webcam chat rooms to check them out, partly because i am curious. I also check out the blog  Just out of curiosity. If you are like me and are a bit curious as to this particular fetish then do have a peek over at the site listed above. It is full of the best places online to watch these amzing babes live. Dolls with balls and chicks with dicks whatever you want to call them they are hot!

dolls with balls, chicks with dicks, live shemales, online tranny fetish

Live shemale cams dolls with balls checks with dicks

These gorgeous chicks with dicks will do just about anything you ask of them online webcam right now so do check them out. It is a fetish that many guys have ” the tranny surprise”  If this is something you are interested in  then enter the chat now. Perhaps Mistress is sending you to admire a transexual on webcam. Perhaps Mistress has decided it’s time you became a live tranny  and worked on this . Whatever the scenario these dolls with balls are waiting for you

Bdsm Chat Online

So as you know bdsm is a huge fetish out there and a massive area to look into as there is just so much involved with the scene and the whole  lifestyle in general. I have always found there is something so horny about a woman in control and who makes all the decisions and then decides what to do with me. It is a control and power status and one i have  to say i like. When you a visit a site like  and see for yourself how much these Strict Mistresses love to dish out orders and how strict they look you will realise just how addictive it can be. From financial domination, to cbt as well as edge play and so much more. I love to see what they will come up with next for me on my journey into complete power and play.

bdsm chat online, webcam chats,

They do not care about your feelings these online webcam hosts do not care about your needs it is all about them, the only thing you should be worried about is serving them  and keeping them happy at all times, that is really you’re role as the submissive sub. So if Mistress tells you to strip off for inspection you must do this straight away. if she demands you go put some of your girlfriends panties on you must jump to it. No matter the circumstances you are there to keep her happy. If you like larger women to dominate and humiliate you you can also check them out over at . I have to admit i do sometimes enjoy a bigger, chubbier woman to dominate me as well as one a little older as it feels more real to me then.

So if looking to chat online in the bondage,domination,sadism and masocistic community then do tell the girls what it is you like and in what way you are there to serve them. Remember you are their little sex toy , they can do what ever they want with you. So if they tell you before the show what they want you to bring be sure to make sure you have everything ready for you’re abuse and training into slavery if you are ready for the very best of onlines chat then look no further than our online dominatrixes who are just waiting to  have you on your hands and knees begging them to allow you to worship them

Forced Bisexual

Forced bisexual is a thing that most submissive guys have as a fantasy. To be made to suck another man off against their will or to be made to bend over and take a pounding from another man is a huge form of humiliation.


There are lots of things that can be used for humiliation when talking about femdom cams but the ultimate form of humiliation and degredation for any male slave by his Mistress is to used forced bisexuality. Having his head pushed down onto another mans erect cock or being bent over waiting on a rock hard dick to penetrate his ass cheeks is extremely degrading,especially for guys with no gay feelings.

forced bisexual,forced bi

One of the best places to get a forced bi fantasy online is on shemale webcam sites. Take a long look at the throbbing,erect member above. Now imagine having your head pushed down and forced to suck it. Thats what happens during a live forced bi session. One of the internets best sites for forced homo is because it is full of trannys with expertese in femdom as well as big thick cocks they can torment and tease you with. they will be able to go into great detail about how you will be forced to suck them off and bend over while they fill your ass with their long hard dicks.

Forced bi is a great way for a domme to keep her male slaves reminded of their place and to keep them in line. Lets be honest,the threat of being made to suck another man off is enough to make any guy do as hes told! The shemales of this site are all experts at using forced bisexuality to thier advantage and will use it to threaten and mould you into the good little cock sucker you want to be.

Chastity Slave Online

Chastity slave is a fantasy of many guys who enjoy or are into female domination. Taking away their most basic animal instinct makes a man much more submissive and eager to please his online keyholder.


chastity slave,online keyholder,live mistressChastity slavery is extremely popular among the femdom scene. From a dominatrixes point of view it ensures a man stays in line. If you take away his ability to cum you instantly make him more submissive and eager to please. And from a locked up males point of view,if you remove his ability to ejaculate then he becomes more and more desperate to cum and he will do ANYTHING to have you unlock his cock to allow him an orgasm. Both parties gain from this as the live mistress cams domme knows her chastity slave will remain humble and submissive at all times and the male slave is reminded permanently that he is owned by the superior female.

At a site full of live mistress webcam hosts,you will find dozens and dozens of Mistresses online who will gladly lock your cock away in a little plastic prison and wont care if it never sees the light of day again. The Mistresses on this site are cold,heartless and cruel and will manipulate you into revealing all your fetishes and fantasies and after they have snapped that lock shut on your cock they will cruelly and sadistically use them all against you. They will take each thing that turns you on and use it to tease and torment you as your cock struggles to get hard in its plastic cage,leaving you a twisted mess in agony as you are left with a serious case of blue balls. But thats the price to pay for the priviledge of having a superior woman even look at you,never mind give you the time of day.For information and stories about live mistress .net be sure to check our link

Other advantages for a Mistress of keeping you locked down and forbidding her slave any erections is that she can then be sure he is not wanking “her” cock without permission or,even worse,fantasazing about her while playing with himself. Yuck. Plus it means your online keyholder can decide to cum more times in one night than she will allow you to have in a whole year! Chastity slaves and chastity is a huge fetish out there for a lot of people and it is indeed very popular if you do like fetishes then be sure to check out fetish webcams

So in short,chastity slavery is a favourite of a lot of online dominatrixes and is something they all enjoy doing with their slaves,be it forcefully or by mutual consent. Nothing pleases these dommes more than having a male beg,plead and grovel for the priveledge of doing something that other “real” men get to do as many times as they like. Think about that

For forced chastity,try here

Small Penis Humiliation

This is perhaps the most common of all fetishes and femdom fantasies. Having their male equipment ruthlessly mocked and ridiculed by a dominant woman can be a powerful turn on for most submissive men.


small penis humiliation,sph,small dick humiliationOf all the different areas of femdom that there are,there is perhaps one which not only joins on to all the others by way of a mix in,it is also the most popular from which to make a submissive male feel inadequate,inferior and useless. All traits a dominatrix looks to bestow in a slave! It is SPH for short. Think about it. Men like to think they are super lovers and that they all have big cocks. So what better way to make a man feel embarressed than to have a gorgeous,dominant woman who he lusts after tell him that neither she nor any woman will ever sleep with him and that his cock is too small and useless. With small dick humiliation  will verbally berate the slaves cock,about its size,how ugly it is and how women must piss themselves laughing when they see it. For guys who are into sph and cock mock,this is a very very powerful turn on and they get off on this beautiful woman telling them how useless their penis is.There is also live cams with total humiliation and cock mock  live at

As Ive already said,small cock  usually runs hand in hand with other areas of femdom. This might be cbt or chastity training or even strap-on training,where the Mistress will say “No cock,may as well fuck you like a girl”. But small cock is by far the most popular and easiest for a Mistress online to deal with. But you need to chose the right type of person for this. Plenty of cam girls say they deal with this and bdsm but they think this involves telling a guy his cock is small and tiny and that he cant satisfy women. This is fine for about 15 seconds but once this has been said,there is really only so many times it can be rehashed without sounding repetitive. Go to a specialized site and you will find true cock mock queens who think outside the box and can spend hours berating your penis size without repeating themselves more than once. THAT is the type of fetish cam mistress you want to have an online bdsm webcam session with. One who can turn you on but make you feel hopelessly inadequate at the same time.If you are ready to have then be sure to check out out ruthless women who really  do not care about you or your pathetic little feelings they just want to rip you a new one and laugh at you as this is exactly what you deserve. Little pin dicks are never accepted by real women

And if you really like sph then you can go here to the small dick humiliation girls and view a quick video of the treatment you can expect.


Live Femdom Cams Online

Live femdom cams is the best way for submissive guys who cant quite pluck up the courage to visit a dominatrix for a real time session.It can be quite a scary prospect so you can not really hold it against them. But they still have the submissive feelings inside of them and that never goes away. In fact,it just gets stronger and stronger as time passes.


Of course there are hundreds of free tube sites and tgp galleries out there but they are not the same thing. Seeing and watching another guy get dominated never lives up to the reality of a live session. And that is where live domination cams comes in. This allows guys who maybe don’t have the inkling or nerve to visit a Domme in person to be dominated themselves from the comfort and security of their own home.

All you need for an online bdsm cam session is a reasonable quality webcam and a broadband connection. That’s it. Then you only need to find a webcam site that has online mistresses.  One of the top site on the internet is one called

This site specialises on online domination and is jam packed full with powerful,dominant women who are all hugely experienced in the live female domination area and know exactly how to tailor and structure a session to every guys unique tastes. No two guys ever have exactly the live femdom cams,online bdsm camsame fantasy when it comes to being dominated. Some guys like small penis humiliation,others like to be forced into sissy clothes. Some like cock and ball torture and others like forced bi. But whatever area your particular desire falls under,there is an online mistress on this site who can and will make all your dreams come true. And whats more,because there are so many dominatrixes on here that if you have a particular look of Mistress you fantasise about then an almost exact match can be found in a matter of seconds. f you like a blonde mistress with big boobs or a black mistress with a phat ass then you just go to the search facility and filter through till you have a vast and varied selection of all the live Mistresses online who match your chosen criteria and are ready and willing to aid you in fulfilling your submissive fantasies. These online dommes have heard it all before so dont think you have to keep some things to yourself because you feel it’s “weird”. They are very open minded and adventurous and I can almost guarantee you that they will have heard at least a variation of it at some point in the past. The live femdom cams experience is ideal if you are nervous or embarrased about your fantasy or fetish as you are in the comfort of your own living room or bedroom and this can still give you the feeling of security. Although femdom basically boils down to the giving up of power to someone else,for some guys itonline bdsm webcam,live femdom webcam is a confliction of wanting to be dominated,to be controlled,but not having the nerve to actually relinquise that control. So with an online femdom session you can still be dominated and controlled but you still have the control of being in your very own comfort zone. And that is a very big thing to most guys who use online bdsm webcams for their femdom needs and is the deciding factor.

But maybe you don’t have submissive fantasies as such. Maybe you just have a particularly powerful fetish that you need satisfied. Well femdomporn hosts will certainly be able to help you out in that regard if you want but again,sometimes your better off using a specialised site. And for all your fetish needs,one of the best fetish cam sites on the net is  because the hosts on this site are all experts and highly professional when it comes to satisfying the kinks and fetishes of horny guys. Plus they are not solely into the bdsm scene. Sure,fetish and femdom may run hand in hand for the most part but some fetishes dont fit into the scene. No serious Mistress will allow a slave to see her breasts so if you have a fantasy for boobs covered in baby oil then a femdom dominatrix is not going to be able to help you unfortunately. So you cant use an online mistress for this. Some will but some wont. its a sad fact of the bdsm world im afraid. So use a fetish cam site for this and you will find hundreds f cam girls online who will be more than eager to make your fantasy become a reality.

No matter how bizarre or out there your fetish may seem,you only need to tell the girls on the site what it is and  she will almost certainly be able to satisfy it. You dont need to be nervous or embarressed as the mistress and cam girls are all online with the sole purpose of making sure that you have all your needs satisfied and that you have an enjoyable and exciting experience using your internet and webcam.